My Trek Light Product Has A Hole In It, Is It Ruined?

Let's face it - when it comes to gear, holes happen.

Maybe it was an ember from that awesome fire you built. Maybe you should have thought twice before you used your packed up hammock as a football last night.

No matter how it happened, if your hammock, Bindle Pack, Tarp, Eco Tote, etc. has developed a small tear or hole, your Trek Light Gear products aren't always ruined when you find yourself with a mishap.

Blanket Note: If you notice what appears to be a "hole" in your woven blanket, don't fret! In most cases, it simply means the threads are pulled apart a bit, which gives the illusion of a hole in the material. You can just push the threads back towards the hole with your fingers so they're distributed evenly and watch it disappear! Check out I See Gaps Or Holes In My Woven Blanket - What Should I Do? for more details!

When you encounter a hole or small tear in your Trek Light product, the best thing you can do is to immediately patch the hole so it can't grow any bigger.

You can purchase Gear Repair Patches in our store that are easily applied and designed to be as durable as our products themselves.


We've heard from many customers over the years who have told us they've continued using their hammock with "lots of unpatched holes!" and that it "still works great!".

It's an awesome testament to the strength and tear-resistant qualities of the materials we use and we appreciate the stoke, but we recommend checking your Trek Light Gear products for holes before every use and patching them before continuing to use the product.

Sooner or later, that small tear could turn into a big one and repair is no longer an option at that point - patches are cheap and easy, so use 'em! Just one of our repair patches offers enough coverage for many small holes/tears.

Remember: A repair patch can make your product feel 'like-new' again, but it's not a guarantee of any kind of strength or stability with your product. Always double-check the integrity of your applied patches, and if you're using a product that's been patched remember that your risk for failure is higher. While a patch can provide many years of extended life to your product, when it comes to a hammock especially - safety is crucial because of the chance for injury. If you're using a hammock that's been patched, keep in mind that its integrity has been affected and always hang it low and over soft ground so you're safe from injury in a worst-case scenario.

If you feel like you've got a tear or issue with your gear that's not your fault and should be covered under our Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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