I See Gaps Or Holes In My Woven Blanket - What Should I Do?

If you see gaps in the threads of your blanket, even when it's brand new, don't fret!

Think of your handwoven blanket as a big grid - you've got threads going horizontally and threads going vertically, and they slide along each other. The threads of your blanket can sometimes get pulled a bit along that grid, and it gives the appearance of a hole in your blanket - it's not!

To fix the issue, just apply a little pressure with your fingers to spread and move the threads closer to each other along that grid.

For maximum effect, say some magic words as you do it like "Abracadabra" or "Snuffleupagus!" - because you're going to feel like a magician when that hole magically disappears before your eyes.

Here's a video showing just how easy it is:

You'll also notice that our blankets that feature curved or circular designs will typically have some thread spacing like you see in the video around the curved parts of the design. The separation around the curves is a normal part of the traditional weaving process and like the gaps described above they don't affect the integrity of your blanket.

Some customers like the natural spacing around the designs, but if you don't like the way it looks, just follow the above process and you can easily push the threads closer together to make the gap disappear. Magically, of course.

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