Where Can I Buy a Hammock Stand for My Trek Light Hammock?

Long story short... we used to sell a hammock stand, but no longer do!

Thanks to COVID-era production issues and material shortages, we're no longer able to sell the model we were offering in the past.

Lucky for you, we did the research to find a 3rd party hammock stand that will be compatible with your Trek Light hammock - and we found one that works great!

Hammock Stand (Trek Light Hammock Compatible)

The hammock stand linked above comes with a length of chain for each end, so you don't need to purchase a hanging kit from us in addition to the hammock stand. Your Trek Light hammock will hook directly onto the stand without the need for any additional accessories, and you can adjust the tension as desired using the included chain.

We'll continue monitoring the manufacturing and supply chain situation and if it's possible for us to offer you a hammock stand directly again in the future we definitely will!

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