Hammock Safety 101: For Kids & Adults


You made it this far in life, you probably feel like you can hammock without getting hurt right?

Well, let's have a little Safety Meeting anyways.

Always test your hanging points for stability and strength before getting in your hammock. Most people think about getting hurt falling out of a hammock, but don't consider what happens if the object you're hanging from falls on YOU. Checking trees and other structures to make sure they're strong enough to support you is absolutely crucial before using your hammock.

Always check your hammock and hanging equipment for tears, holes, fraying, signs of UV fading/weakness, etc. If you see a hole, patch it. If you have weakened or damaged equipment, replace it. (If it's a warranty issue just get in touch so we can help)

Never set up your hammock at a height above 2', or above any dangerous objects or terrain, where a fall or malfunction could cause injury to you, or the people around you.

Equipment, even brand new equipment, can fail.

Trees or structures that appear sturdy are not always what they seem.
Be smart and always think about your safety first.

We realize that our customer base consists of a large number of responsible and knowledgeable outdoor lovers. Many of you are capable of maintaining a safe environment even in situations that may appear dangerous to the outside eye.

If you do choose to disregard our safety recommendations and hang your hammock from anything above a safe height (2′ or higher), you should always have a safety backup plan in case of failure – a harness, safety ropes, etc. that would protect you from any injury.

Safety first. And have fun.


Kids love hammocks!

Trek Light Hammocks are designed to eliminate the safety concerns found in many other hammocks. The solid parachute nylon design means that you'll never have to worry about your little ones getting an arm, leg, or neck, caught in the hammock. And Trek Light Hammocks have an amazing No-Flip design - no need to worry about kids (or adults) getting violently dumped out on the ground while using it.

Even though the hammock is designed to be as safe as possible, kids and infants can always find a way to add danger to the safest of activities.

Kids of any age can still manage to climb up and over the sides of the hammock, or will purposely swing the hammock upside down (you'll know what we mean) and wind up falling out to the ground if they're not careful.

Trek Light Gear hammocks are not tested, sold, or intended for use as baby or infant products and Trek Light Gear recommends that you never leave any young children or infants unsupervised for any amount of time in a hammock.

As with our adult safety rules - always hang your hammock low to the ground to minimize the risk of any injury if a fall occurs and always make sure the hammock is hung from objects capable of supporting any bouncing or playing that might occur.

With proper adult supervision and use, your Trek Light Hammock can be an extremely safe experience for children of any age.

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