UV and Elements Exposure - Protect Your Gear

While it's nice to have your hammock set up full time in the yard, or a blanket that sits outside waiting for you - we strongly recommend not leaving your hammock or any other TLG products outdoors full time when not in use.

UV Rays are often known as 'gear killers' to outdoor lovers - whether it's a tent, a backpack or your Trek Light Hammock, most of the outdoor gear you own is designed for active use in the sun but not to bake in the sun and UV rays all day every day. If you purchase or own similar products from another brand and they don't warn you about leaving it in the sun, trust us, it's not because theirs are immune to the UV problem!

Excessive prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will eventually cause the colors of our products to fade. By the time you're seeing the color fading, it means the UV rays have also begun to weaken the fibers of the material. A UV-damaged hammock, backpack, blanket, etc. is much more likely to tear or disintegrate and that will might mean the end of your relaxing adventure.

The same goes for weather elements like rain & snow. While most of our products are built to hold up to the elements - leaving them outdoors full-time will still shorten their lifespan significantly. If your hammock or other products get wet - there's no need to worry, but you should always do what you can to let them dry out properly and not sit outside covered in snow or water.

While we offer an incredible Lifetime Warranty & Happiness Guarantee against any manufacturer's defects or issues, leaving your products out in the sun to the point that the colors become noticeably faded will void your warranty so please do what you can to use your gear properly so it will last you many years of happiness.

Remember, the warnings above only apply to leaving your products out all day repeatedly in the sun - you definitely should never worry about using your Trek Light Gear products in the sun -  sunny days are what we're made for!

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