Care & Cleaning For Trek Light Hammocks, Backpacks & More

Our hammocks, backpacks and other products are manufactured with high-quality materials designed to be incredibly tough and durable for the wide range of outdoor activities they're intended for. But, like any lightweight outdoor gear, it's important you know how to properly care for your gear to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

The following guidelines are fairly universal, however some of our products may have specific care instructions that differ from what you see below. Always check any tags attached to the product or any literature received when purchasing to make sure you are following the best care instructions for your specific product.

See here for specific care & cleaning instructions for Trek Light Gear blankets.


If your hammock, backpack, tote or similar product gets dirty, our products are machine washable. However, laundry machines can be really tough on gear and it's usually not necessary.

For that reason, we always recommend that you clean your TLG products by hand to ensure a delicate and gentle cleaning process. If you do use a washing machine, make sure you remove any hooks or carabiners that could get snagged and use the most gentle cycle available.

When hand-washing, just some warm water and gentle soap (if needed) will rinse most dirt right off. If necessary, just soak the gear in some warm water and scrub with a soft towel or washcloth to get rid of any tougher grime. There's definitely no need to put any of our products in the dryer - just hang it up and it will air dry quickly.



As with just about any camping material, you want to keep fire and flame away from it. Refrain from smoking in the hammock and if camping, make sure to set it up far enough away from the fire that hot embers or ash won't land on it. The hammock isn't coated with any flammable chemicals so it won't burst into flames if a spark hits it, but it will burn a hole in your favorite hammock or backpack.


While the material is strong and durable, something sharp can obviously puncture or tear your hammock or backpack with enough force. Watch out for sharp sticks and branches when setting up your hammock and always remove any sharp or pointy objects from your pockets or belt before getting in (keys, pens, pocket knives, etc). While shoes may not exactly be sharp, it's a good idea to remove your shoes in the hammock to reduce the wear and tear on the material. Likewise, make sure you're not packing any sharp or extremely abrasive objects in your Bindle Pack or Eco Totes.


Over a period of time, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause the colors of the hammock to fade and eventually will weaken some the fibers in the parachute nylon. You don't need to be concerned about using your hammock in the sun, that's normal. But we don't recommend leaving your hammock (or any other Trek Light Gear products) permanently outdoors. You can risk voiding your warranty if there's excessive UV damage to your product. For more detail see this page on UV and Elements Exposure.


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