Compatible Underquilts For Trek Light Gear Hammocks

An underquilt is like a sleeping bag that attaches to the bottom of your hammock. By hugging the bottom of your hammock it prevents the insulation from getting crushed and is one of the keys to staying warm when hammock camping in colder weather.

We don't yet sell our own brand of underquilt (stay tuned!), but there are a number of great manufacturers out there making underquilts that work perfectly with our hammocks.

The two that we recommend reaching out to are:

Hammock Gear and Arrowhead Equipment

Like Trek Light Gear, both of those are companies are great, hardworking small businesses that love to help their customers with personal support and care.

Their product line and styles may change so we aren't including specific models in this post, but if you reach out to them directly they can guide you to the perfect hammock underquilt for your needs and even customize it to match the exact temp rating, carry weight, etc. that you're looking for.

Just let them know you've got a Trek Light Gear Double Hammock and they should have no problem directing you to a compatible underquilt for the best fit and warmth.

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