Is a Double Hammock really the best hammock for just one person?

Back in the day, we used to sell a variety of hammock sizes.

Well, let's be more specific - we used to offer a variety of hammock sizes, but when you looked at the sales reports, the only one we really sold was the Double Hammock.

Seriously, no matter how we priced it - 98% of our hammocks sales were Doubles. So we crowned it King (& Queen) and eliminated the unnecessary choices.

We knew it already, but our Double Hammock is the best all-around hammock on the planet for a reason, and it's not because everyone is always hammocking with a friend.

If you're thinking that you don't need a "Double" Hammock, you're (respectfully) thinking about it the wrong way. While they're plenty big enough for two people, the material conforms to your body and you won't get the feeling that it's too big or that it swallows you up if you're in it solo.

The Double allows you to stretch out in the hammock (like having a bigger bed all to yourself), lay across it horizontally or wrap yourself up if you want. But here's the most important reason...


If you check out our Sleeping In A Hammock Guide, you'll learn that the most comfortable way to lie in a hammock is actually at a slight angle across. It's how you create a flat surface for your back and legs and eliminates the C-shaped curve.

Whether you're just hanging out for a bit, or especially if you're planning on spending long amounts of time in the hammock for napping or sleeping, you definitely want to be able to lie flat in your hammock and that wasn't really possible in our smaller hammock sizes.

The extra width of the Double is what allows you to align your body at an angle to get that perfectly flat zero-gravity position you're after, and that's why we mean it when we say the Double Hammock is the King & Queen of hammock comfort.

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