Can A Parachute Hammock Be Used As An Actual Parachute?

Because the material we use in our hammocks is what's known as "parachute nylon", and it shares a relationship with the same material used in actual parachutes, we suppose it's not completely crazy for people to ask whether the hammocks can also be used as mini-parachutes. We've heard it asked enough times over the years for it to make its way onto this page right here. So here we go:

Just no. No. No. No. No.

Trek Light Gear really does makes the best parachute hammocks on the planet, but that is very different than making hammock parachutes.

Your Trek Light Gear Hammock is NOT suitable for use as a parachute and we absolutely do not recommend it or encourage it no matter how low or high off the ground you are.  Hear that Darwin?

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