What Comes With The Hammock? What Do I Need?

Inside of the hammock pouch, you'll find the hammock itself and two S-Hooks which are secured to each end of the hammock with a short, static cord.

The vast majority of our customers also use a set of our Go Anywhere Ropes to hang their hammock, but whether or not you need it ultimately depends on how you plan on using your hammock.

Even though most of our customers purchase the Go Anywhere Ropes along with their hammock, we sell our hanging ropes separately just in case you already have your own or feel like you don't need them.

Please read the scenarios below to determine if you will also need one of our hanging kits to set up your hammock:

Scenario 1: If you plan on hooking your hammock into a specific frame, eyebolt, or other solid hook and the connection points are not spaced more than ~8-9 feet apart, you may be able to use the included S-Hooks to hook right in without any additional rope or hanging accessories needed.

Scenario 2 (most common): If the connection points are farther than ~9 feet apart (this includes some hammock stands) or, more importantly, you're planning on hanging your hammock from a tree, pole or any other object where there's nothing to hook into - you'll definitely want one of our hanging kits to set up your hammock.

Since our hammocks are designed for portability, we highly recommend getting a hanging kit even if you're initially setting up your hammock as in Scenario 1 so you can easily take it with you whenever you want.

Additionally, ropes & straps provide adjustability for your hammock. So, even if you're planning on a permanent setup, we always recommend leaving yourself extra room between your connection points for your ropes - this allows you to hang the hammock a little tighter/looser/higher/lower if your preference changes or someone else is using the hammock.

Curious to learn more?

Here's a walkthrough of How To Use The Go Anywhere Rope Kit to hang your hammocks easily.

When it comes to figuring out how high to hang your hammock, how tight or how loose to set it up, etc. - check out our in-depth Hammock Hanging Guide for all the answers!

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