How To Hang A Hammock Indoors

Hanging your hammock indoors can be done in a variety of ways and is very common. An indoor hammock is a beautiful thing - you can use it as a guest bed, a meditation swing, or in the playroom or man cave. And the best part is that you can easily unhook it and get it out of the way in a matter of seconds to store it or take it with you on your next adventure.


  1. Use a Hammock Stand Pros: Portable, take it from room to room and house to the yard. Cons: Heavy, takes up space, may not be as adjustable as you want
  2. Use our Go Anywhere Rope Kit or straps to hang from an available sturdy point such as an exposed ceiling beam, pillar, or balcony rail. Pros: Uses connection points already available, adjustable with the rope/straps Cons: Well-spaced and strong enough object(s) to hang from are not always found in the home
  3. Install hardware into the walls/ceiling to hang your hammock from Pros: Minimal footprint (vs. a stand), ability to install hardware exactly where you want. Cons: May require a trained professional to install safely (see below)


Installing hardware can be as simple as finding an appropriate stud in the wall (or ceiling joist) that's strong enough to hold the necessary weight and installing a load-bearing eye bolt or hook to hang the hammock from.

However, it's important to understand that EVERY home is built differently and has different circumstances (age, humidity, etc.) which can affect structural stability.

All wall studs and ceiling beams are not created equal and we cannot make any specific claims or suggestions of how to best install or hang a hammock in your home.

Just because a stud exists in your wall doesn't mean it was secured properly or is capable of supporting the force of a hammock. We highly recommend you have a trained contractor assist with your plans if you're unsure in any way.

Trek Light Gear is not responsible for any damage or injury that may be caused by hanging your hammock improperly.

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