How To Swap Your Hammock S-Hooks For Carabiners

All of our hammocks come standard with an S-Hook connection on either end of the hammock.

If you'd like to upgrade your s-hooks to carabiners instead, we recorded a short video showing you how easy it is.

Extremely Important: You need to be absolutely sure that the carabiners you're using are strong enough for hammock use. Remember, that doesn't mean they have to be just strong enough to support your weight - the downward force when getting into a hammock or moving around adds a multiple to your own weight. We recommend carabiners that are rated for climbing or strong enough to hold 1000+ lbs.

Make The Swap

No tying or untying of knots is required.

First, just create some slack in the cord where it's looped onto the S-Hook by pushing up on the cord towards/into the S-Hook (away from the hammock end).

Next, using the slack you've created, pull on the looped end of the cord until you've got enough slack to spread the loop open.

Then, just pull it back up and over the top of the S-Hook. That's it, you can now easily pull the S-Hook off and remove it.

You'll want to attach the carabiner using the same looped technique - feed the looped cord through the open center of the carabiner first and then spread the loop open while pulling it up and over the top of the clip. Pull the cord tight and it will create a secure connection. If you feel like you can't pull the cord tight enough, don't worry about it - the next time you use your hammock the looped connection will tighten itself when you get in.

Congrats on your upgrade!

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