International Delivery: Everything You Need To Know

At Trek Light Gear we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver our great products anywhere in the world at an affordable price.

When ordering internationally you may see a few options available to you - the services vary by carrier (UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.) and speed and you may see different options depending on where you live and the weight of the items you're ordering.

Here's what you should know about International Shipping before you order:


If your total order weight is 4lbs or less you may see the First Class shipping option. This is typically the cheapest shipping option for international shipping, but as you can guess it's also the slowest.

The USPS does not provide any delivery estimates for First Class packages - in our experience delivery can take anywhere from 10 days to as long as 8 weeks.

First Class may save you a significant amount of money when shipping internationally but please be aware of the time it could take to receive your package when you order.

Sooner or later you'll have an exciting package from us that will be worth the wait!


When receiving an international order your package will need to pass through Customs in your country. All of our packages will have a Customs Declaration Form which details the items in your package and their value.

There are almost always additional charges to receive your package when you order goods from outside your own country - these charges are Customs Duties and Import Taxes which are your responsibility to pay (often before you are allowed to collect the package).

The laws and taxes are different in every country and Trek Light Gear has no way of knowing in advance what these taxes and fees will be.

Please be aware of this when placing your order, we don't want you to be surprised when the package shows up and you owe additional money!

If you have any additional questions about international shipping methods or rates just let us know!

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